"Oaty "

A “Dog” but Silent… 

Yeah that’s me “Oaty” the baller! You see college was a good run and my heart was full, mainly due to living My Passion out loud on the court. 

You may remember “Oaty” from Garfield. The Dog that really never had a word to say. This name was given to me in College because I embodied him 90% of the time. 

However, I didn’t realize it would be the name that moved my story. As my passion for basketball came to a complete stop. Something else was moving silent within. 

Little did I know I was a beast on the outside but internally I was fighting now  for the “W” in my life instead of the “W” on the court. 

“Oaty” began the next phase. This is where fashion … that’s always been my thing really came to life. You see I knew I couldn’t look like what I was going through. So I kept fashion as the constant “cane” on my worst days to keep me up. 

“Oaty” has now given you “The Year of The Cane” it’s a 5 year journey in the form of a shoe and Fashion that expresses My story of “Overcoming Cancer”! 


“If you still on this earth, you have a opportunity no matter what you are going through!”


Year of The Cane

Year of The Cane is way deeper than a shoe. Imagine one doctor visit changing the trajectory of your life.

CANCER was the verdict. However, It was NOT the END.

Many have taken the walk, some have beat the odds, and only a few TELL THE STORY.

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